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As a lifelong learner I have learned a bit too much about art, which was necessary for my responsibility as an educator. As I produce work now, I am editing down to a few notions that seem to keep recurring and informing my work. (see Themes)

What are those informative notions? Structure in the pieces. Continuity and dis-continuity in the picture plane. Trying to distill the immensity of what I sense into the confines of the art surface. Trying to get what I sense and feel into the concrete terms of media and materials.

I am currently exercising my interests and fascinations. One of these is the exploration of how musical form can be made visual. This has been sustained across my whole work. Another is how the division of visual space is accomplished in the picture plane and how the edges of the plane serve to truncate the image. Continuity and dis-continuity are always jostling.

My fascinations right now are basically the themes that my work falls into- the unique landscapes of Central New York State, geometry, making the visual space work harmoniously, making visual transcriptions of music.

I work at my craft because it's what I do and want to do. Eye, mind, heart, hand working with materials, images, ideas to express that which is elusive and inexpressable.

Sacred Precinct-3 (The Sauare)