2013-09-09 // On the road again

Time management.

Update website.

Repair a damaged painting. (which in this case was massively altered)

Get ready for a show in a local community space in November.

I am finding my way forward with acrylics again and that is exciting. I have discovered a fascinating old medieval illumination of "the New Jerusalem" from Northern Spain. I've made it work geometrically and there is a wealth of ratios that must have been known generally among the master-builders.

Check out the Sacred Precincts I've put on the Homepage for seeing where I have been. Sacred Precinct is a concept that seems to hover in our understandings of the cosmos and of our deities. The worship or contemplation spaces are those places apart where everything is harmonious, meaning that the proportions are interdependent and symbiotic. (badly said). The "Golden Mean" functions powerfully in defining the edges within as well as the area external. i have long contemplated that these relationships are most clear inside the boundaries of the square.


I'm still artwork on updating the website. Visit often and tell me what you think.