Red Window

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There is a lot to consider with this “Red Window”. Geometry with its rigor and inevitability certainly plays a large part in how the circles relate to one another. It begins with a large square taken from the short side. the other circles are derived from intersecting points and line segments. T0 get them, I just wander about finding a good place to put down a compass point.

Beyond a strict geometry is the painterly interpretation of the particular circles. It is a concept I have that geometry is difficult for many people because the precision lacks “warmth”. Put another way, for some perfection calls out our imperfection. “Red Window” relies in large part on the freely brushed circles for its overall effect.

Color certainly exerts a presence. In this case, I am relying on many layers of transparent color to create an intensity but also ambiguity, and transient color. It is closer to the environment in which we live.

But there is also the contemplative aspect, the illusion of light from behind. This was near the center of the idea. How do I get the effect of light coming forward as rendered in paint which is opaque.

Finally- like everything I and many other artists do is to try to give the viewer(s) a place to stand and have them ferret out what’s in the painting for them.

Don’t keep it a secret, let me know.