Summer Storm

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I live in a heavily deformed glacial landscape. It was my my earliest experience and it’s deep roots. I still cannot fathom what 5,000+ feet of ice must look like or what it can do to layers of bed-rock.

I can, however imagine what it could be because I live on the results, drawing upon the images both external and mind’s eye for an “art trigger”. I press forward to express those things in an image that evokes a kind of primordial energy.

“Summer Storm” is the conglomeration of natural forces functioning at different rates. At once one has the sense of glacial deformation but also a structure of “sunlight” which helps the viewer attach to the otherwise rather arbitrary geometry.

The “storm” is the opposing paint handling and color. How many times I’ve been “up in the hills” and seen a sudden storm off in the distance, seen the lightning and sunshine together, heard the thunder, smelled the rain.

Those recollections are what triggered this painting as far as I know.